Anonymous asked 3 years ago

Which is better diet veg or non-veg?

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Ramal Lakshan Staff answered 3 years ago

Being vegetarian is always better. Here’re a few reasons why:
By being a vegetarian, you are reducing “global warming”!
Yes! You heard it right. Here’s how:

  • There are about 20 billion chickens, 2 billion cattle and a billion pig in the world. Now if you think that if you don’t eat them, the number would go up, that’s absolutely wrong. Because these are farmed by humans for eating and once people start going vegetarian, these would disappear!
  • The first point would free up 33 million sq km of land (Almost the size of Africa) and if properly maintained, these can be converted into its natural state of grassland or forests. This would greatly reduce global warming.
  • Also, the cattle which are being grown for food contribute to global CO2 level by respiration and they also heat up the atmosphere by excreting global warming gases like Methane (CH4) whose effective heat is more than that produced by all the planes, trains and automobiles combined!

You are also greatly reducing water consumption by being a vegetarian!

  • The amount of water taken per calorie of available food energy, for production of meat is 5 times that of fruits, 10 times that of vegetables and 20 times that of cereals!

The human digestive system is designed to digest both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. But if you can compensate the same nutrient value of whatever you get by consuming meat with a vegetarian diet, what’s wrong in saving the earth?
Edit: Well I’m not telling some random not proved things over here. These are the results of studies by some world-renowned scientists. And I’m not telling eating non-veg food is wrong, but I’m telling it’s better if you can replace non-vegetarian food with vegetarian food wherever possible, both for your health and the environment!
Edit 2: As one of the comments say, economic instability and difficulty of people who do animal husbandry are the problems that the world will face when everyone turns vegetarian. But both of them are temporary problems. The people who have animal husbandry as their profession can be trained to do agriculture or can be deployed in manufacturing (Just like what make in India does now). And about economic instability, that keeps happening. If not this, it’ll happen for something else. The world is used to facing such problems. I think reducing global warming and water consumption at the cost of having an economic instability is acceptable. Because saving nature should always be out first preference.