Anonymous asked 3 years ago

What is more important, health or success?

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Ramal Lakshan Staff answered 3 years ago

Individuals with district goals, we each interpret success differently. But, no matter who you are, what your goal is and how you define success, one thing holds true, a healthy body and mind is essential if you want to lead a truly successful life. Following someone else’s plan might seem amazingly easy and a quick route to success, but it won’t really fetch you the desired happiness and self-satisfaction that your own plans can do.
Many people out there make a mistake thinking that happiness/health and success are nearly similar and directly proportional to each other. But, in reality, it is not the case! Hence, understanding the actual difference between being successful and being happy is essential for all. Success is great, but not at the cost of your health. Not always will success fetch your happiness, but if you are healthy + happy, then you will have chances of being successful.
“ If you’re meeting goals and overcoming challenges with a light and free heart, then you’re doing life right. Keep going!! But if you’re dragging yourself along every step of the way, its time to stop and rethink your priorities”.
In this 21st century, when the world has become a stage for a competition, everyone is running a race not knowing exactly where to stop or what will the finishing line look like. In most of the case, health is related to achieving a goal or possessing a material object that’s tangible—hence, health comes with validity.
Now, ask yourself— Are you healthy?
Or are you also running that race towards being successful, rather than being healthy?
To make things a little simpler, let us take a look at the following points and understand the difference between ‘being successful’ and ‘being healthy+happy’.
☆ Success means living a life with plans. Health + happiness is living a life with passion.
☆ Success is working for your own betterment. Health + happiness is working for others.
☆ Success means striving for more. Health+ happiness is being contented with whatever you have.
☆ Success is having enough wealth. Happiness is in having a healthy relationship.
So, success & health both are very important for life…if you want to be successful than you have to be healthy first.