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What are the health benefits of yogurt?

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Ramal Lakshan Staff answered 2 years ago

Have you noticed that the yogurt section of most grocery stores has practically taken over the dairy aisle? It’s getting harder to find more traditional dairy foods, such as cottage cheese and sour cream, amid the sea of yogurt options. But it only makes sense that food with as many health benefits as yogurt is given prime real estate in the supermarket.
And just what are the health benefits of yogurt?
First off, let us not forget that yogurt comes from milk. So yogurt eaters will get a dose of animal protein (about 9 grams per 6-ounce serving), plus several other nutrients found in dairy foods, like calcium, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, potassium, and magnesium.
But one of the words we’re hearing more and more of regarding yogurt is “probiotics.” Probiotics are “friendly bacteria” that are naturally present in the digestive system. Live strains of these “good bacteria” are also found in many yogurt products. While more research needs to be done, there’s some evidence that some strains of probiotics can help boost the immune system and promote a healthy digestive tract.
10 Surprising Health Benefits of Yogurt
1. Yogurt can give you flat abs.
2. Most brands of yogurt contain good for you bacteria.
3. Yogurt is loaded with vitamins
4. A cup of yogurt a day can help you recover faster after a workout.
5. Not all yogurt is equal when it comes to calcium and vitamin D.
6. Yogurt may prevent high blood pressure
7. A daily serving of yogurt keeps colds away.
8. Yogurt can help your smile
9. Raw doesn’t mean better.
10. Yogurt is a high-protein food.