Anonymous asked 3 years ago

What are the health benefits of papaya seeds?

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Ramal Lakshan Staff answered 3 years ago

While enjoying those gorgeous bright yellow papaya in fruit salads, we forget about those dark papaya seeds, and eventually, they find their places in the dust bin. But, surprisingly, the seeds must not be thrown away as they can help in innumerable ways.
Before I jump onto the benefits, here is how, you can consume it:

  • It is essential to chew the papaya seeds, as simply swallowing them won’t help you much. The outer skin of papaya is very tough, so chew it properly. They are not sweet, so you can have some honey along with it.
  • Organic papaya seed powder is available in the market, you can mix it in your foods while eating it.
  • You can make a smoothie with the crushed papaya seeds, milk, honey, and then enjoy it.
  • Dry the papaya seeds under the sun, then pan-fry it, crush it and make it a pepper. Papaya seed black pepper can be used while you enjoy steak or meat. Sprinkle it, you will definitely enjoy it. Fresh Papaya Seed Dressing check the link for some more ideas!

Now the benefits:

  1. Natural Contraceptive: The Papaya seeds can prevent unwanted pregnancy and also without any effect on the libido. It is potentially a male birth control.
  2. Parasites: The liver problems caused due to the parasites like ringworms or amoeba can be cured effectively by the papaya seeds.
  3. In the case of kidney diseases like renal stones and renal failure, the papaya seeds work like magic, as put forward by the researchers.
  4. Papaya Seeds contain agents that stop the growth of cancer cells and tumors. Papaya Seeds contain isothiocyanate which works well for colon, breast, lung, leukemia and prostate cancer.
  5. Papaya seeds can help you prevent viral infections, malaria, dengue, viral fever, influenza, etc. Papaya seeds are strong anti-viral agents.

precautions: Having papaya seeds is strictly forbidden for pregnant women, and also for males who want to be the father. As I said, it is a kind of birth control, so if you stop eating the seeds, then you will be back to normal again!