What are the health benefits of fasting?

Anonymous asked 2 years ago

What are the health benefits of fasting?

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Ramal Lakshan Staff answered 2 years ago

There are just a ton of. Fasting puts our body into its prime-primal state, leading to greater health, better fat burning and improved cellular functioning.
But here’s a list of the benefits.

  • Cellular repair via autophagy. – Your body will self-digest itself, leading to the recycling of old waste proteins and through detoxification.
  • Increased fat oxidation. – Better use of your own body fat for fuel.
  • Hastened metabolism. – Your metabolism actually speeds up by 3–14%.
  • Improved biomarkers. – Reduced cholesterol, lower blood sugar, better insulin sensitivity, and no insulin resistance.
  • Boosted Growth Hormone. – The Holy Grail of longevity and muscle building. It maintains lean muscle mass and burns fat.
  • Increased life-span. – Fasting increases free radicals that trigger protective pathways.
  • Protection against cancer and tumors. – Autophagy purges precancerous cells and lowers the risk of tumor growth.
  • Bolstered brainpower. – Protection against neurodegenerative disease thanks to increased BDNF.