Anonymous asked 3 years ago

What are the health benefits of a muscular body?

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Ramal Lakshan Staff answered 3 years ago

What comes to your mind when you see a person with a very muscular physique?? Do you envy them for good looks? Is muscle building, just about becoming an “eye candy”?
If the answer is “yes”, think again. Maybe you are gravely misinformed.
In this answer, I will try to point out some of the most important health benefits of muscle building.
Health Benefits of having a Muscular Body:
It takes lots of dedication, commitment, and consistency to develop muscular physique. The process may be tiresome but the result has many health benefits.
The decrease in Injury: Bones together with muscle forms the basic framework of the body. Now if you have a muscular physique, it will protect your internal organ from getting injured.
Better Movement Control: Muscles are responsible for every skeletal movement. Hence, if you have a muscular body, you will have better control of every movement.
Delayed Fatigue: Muscle fatigue is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid inside our muscle. Having greater muscle mass contributes to delayed muscle fatigue and prolonged working hours.
Increase in Stamina: Growth of muscle mass requires persistent efforts, this also results in enhanced stamina.
Decrease the chance of cardiovascular disease: Muscle building exercises help in vascular remodeling. In this process, new blood vessels are formed from old ones. These new vessels increase the perfusion of cardiac cells and tissues, thereby decreasing the detrimental effect of ischemia and other cardiovascular diseases.