Anonymous asked 3 years ago

Is beer bad for your health?

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Ramal Lakshan Staff answered 3 years ago

Now, this depends on how much you drink or how often do you drink. It is said that even elixir more than a limit becomes poisonous. Beer is good if it is consumed in a limit as alcohol is good for health to a particular percentage. I am mentioning some benefits and side effects of beer below.
Some benefits of beer:

  1. Beer keeps your kidneys healthy.
  2. Is good for better digestion.
  3. To lower your bad cholesterol
  4. Helps prevent blood clots.
  5. Reduces the risk of a heart attack.

Some side effects of Beer:

  1. Can Raise Blood Pressure Level.
  2. Can Lead To Heartburn.
  3. Can cause trouble sleeping (insomnia).
  4. Can cause liver disease.
  5. Drinking three or more drinks of alcohol per day can make mental problems worse and reduce thinking skills.

So this proves that every drink or food has its positives and negatives. If used occasionally, it can be useful or else may badly affect our health.