Anonymous asked 2 years ago

How does one maintain optimal mental health?

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Ramal Lakshan Staff answered 2 years ago

1 – Give Back – When we’re personally suffering, sometimes all it takes is transferring the focus off ourselves and onto another. Many researchers do not believe in altruistic generosity, but it’s definitely worth striving towards. Helping others—random acts of kindness—can benefit the giver in unexpected ways. Something as simple as a handwritten note. Make it your mission to brighten someone else’s day.
2 – Talk About Your Feelings – We live at a time where mental health issues are still stigmatized. Talking about how we feel tends to be taboo. Men especially are told to “toughen up” rather than express their emotions. What I’ve noticed throughout my experience with mental health obstacles is that the more I’m open about it, the better I feel. When we talk about our struggles, we inherently liberate someone else to do the same.
3 – Disconnect – This can be extremely difficult, but it’s imperative. Put your phone away. Rearrange your apps so the habit of opening Instagram/Facebook/Twitter isn’t so casual. Disconnect from the digital world. If we don’t escape our electronics, it makes it hard to turn off from work. If we can’t turn off, we can’t recharge.
4 – Exercise – Physical activity seems to find it’s way into all my answers. That’s because it’s worked such wonders for me. Just this morning I woke up at 5:30 despite the snow and walked over to the gym for a 3-mile run. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t fun. But it helps produce GABA, which is a neurotransmitter that really relieves anxiety. Physical activity is one of the foundational habits to a healthy mind.
5 – Mindfulness – One of the quickest ways to go from well to anxious and depressed it to start ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. Let’s face it, we’ve all made major mistakes. Our futures are uncertain. It’s an uncomfortable truth. Yet, getting worried sick over where you will be working 5 years from now or who you’ll be dating is not going to help you. Being present. Being focused on the task at hand. Simplifying. These are the things that will help. Micro-focus, macro-patience.
6 – Reflect – Taking ample time to think about how far you’ve come can have tremendous benefits. The other day I spent an honest hour just recollecting on the past few years here in Lawrence, Kansas. It really can help us to see our lives with a renewed perspective when we recall how far we have come.
7 – Ask for Help – For some reason, many of us feel like a burden when we ask for help. The reality is, there are SO many people out there whose purpose and vocation is to help people like us. There doesn’t have to be something wrong for us to have a therapist. Therapy can be a critical component of a healthy life.
8 – Acceptance – I’ve never been the best athlete. I’ve never been the smartest person. I’ve never been the most attractive dude. Having self-awareness on these truths helps me maintain my mental health. When we have unrealistic expectations, we tend to set ourselves up for disappointment, despair & depression.
9 – Quit – We’ve all got areas of our lives that hold us back from flourishing. It could be a cigarette habit. It could be a relationship. Perhaps it’s our diet. Whatever it may be for you, let it go. Our mental health is more important than anything else & if something is holding you back from happiness, say goodbye.
10 – Seek Success – Developing self-efficacy is monumental in life. When we have confidence in our ability to accomplish a task, naturally we become more likely to do so. Therefore, we should seek success and invest time in areas where we are gifted. Building our up brain’s belief in ourselves can be incredibly beneficial.