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How dangerous is sugar to our health?

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Ramal Lakshan Staff answered 3 years ago

Sugar is not in fact dangerous. Or addicting. Or bad in any way.
The only thing sugar definitely is, and the reason for all the bad press it gets is that sugar is delicious. You can add it to everything from coffee to cereal and spaghetti sauce and it will make it taste better.
The problem is that sugar is not only sweet and delicious but also scores incredibly low on the satiety index. This means it doesn’t fill you up relative to the calories it provides. So what happens is that when you add a lot of sugar to someone’s diet, the probability of them consuming more calories than they spend skyrockets.
So, sugar makes you fat. But it only makes you fat if you eat a caloric surplus. If you are in a caloric deficit, you will lose weight, no matter if you eat sugar or not.
But sugar is supposed to be bad for our health, no?
Well, it’s not that simple.
If we split the population in two and compare people who eat lots of sugar versus people who don’t eat sugar at all, the second group will probably be healthier.
But correlation doesn’t equal causation.
There are probably a ton of reasons why the group eating sugar is less healthy, including weight, social status and the thousands of habits that constitute their daily life.
But why look at s population when we got something better?
If we look at a controlled study, there doesn’t seem to be any difference in body composition and even health markers between groups consuming so-called “fast” sugary carbs and those consuming “slower” ones.
Diets are simply not unhealthy because they contain sugar.
They are unhealthy when consuming those sugar-rich foods means that you eat too many calories and not enough vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
But isn’t sugar supposed to make your blood sugar jump like Lebron James on a trampoline?
Definitely riding that sugar wave.
Well, no. The only way sugar and Lebron are similar is that you can add them to even the most mediocre team of ingredients and it makes them seem way better than they actually are.
Shots fired.
The idea that sugar raises blood sugar is simply a myth.
It probably only exists because it makes intuitive sense. They’re both called sugar, no?
Well, the effect food has on our blood sugar is measured by the Glycemic Index (GI) which is a scale from 0 to 100.
Do you know what sugar scores?
A paltry 68.
That is lower than foods such as whole-wheat bread, most cereals, and potatoes.
Better stay away from that watermelon, it must be unhealthy.
You can even let your kids eat sugar. It won’t give them more of a sugar-high than a placebo does.
Besides, even if sugar did raise blood sugar levels, the idea that your blood sugar has dramatic spikes and crashes is, in healthy people, totally unfounded. There is at any moment only roughly 4 grams of glucose in your blood and those levels are closely controlled by your body in a process called homeostasis.
I can not stress this enough:
Your body is not a car.
It’s a highly complicated and adaptive organism.
It won’t start making funny noises and leave you on the side of the road just because you bought the wrong type of gas.
If you feel tired, moody or angry, that probably has little to do with sugar and a lot more to do with other aspects of your life.
Then work on those things.
Be happy.
Let sugar be.
The reason why our bodies tolerate sugar is simple: fruits. Since they were one of the staple foods in the early human’s diet, evolution made sure that we could process sugar.

The Caveman Diet: Not as manly as it sounds.
Sugar and carbs aren’t good or bad.
They become so based on our tolerance of them.
Some people do well with a lot of carbs in their diet. Some do well with less. It has a lot to do with an individuals insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion and a lot less to do with the inherent goodness or badness we assign food.
The good news is that insulin sensitivity is changeable and usually becomes better when one loses weight and/or starts training.
Sugar is not bad or dangerous.
Some people thrive when eating a lot of it, others tolerate it less well. Sugar just contains empty calories.
If the rest of your diet is nutritious enough, no harm will come to you because you sprinkle some sugar in your coffee. In general, we can say that eating sugar only becomes a problem when we can’t control our consumption of it.