Anonymous asked 2 years ago

How can writing improve your mental health?

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Ramal Lakshan Staff answered 2 years ago

Writing is a way to put the suffering out. And you can just do that, but the suffering out of you, like using the paper as a trash bin and keeping to purge it out in some part.
Or it can be a way to put them out so you can process it and re-assemble as something more digestible for the psych and understand it, have some grip over it and transform at least part of it into something good! This is the most healthy way to use writing or any type of art you create, but some people have this ability and others don’t.
Being able to speak. write or understand symbolic characters like the alphabet is a cornerstone to a lot of complex identity processes, emotional processing, communication, creativity and a lot of human brain complex capacities which people may get it by granted but when people don’t learn to speak and write at the due age, they may get a lot handicapped in adulthood.
The ability to speak and write are things that are responsible for us having a mental space that we use to process and think our emotions, so we can decide what is the best way to act or minimize or hold intense emotions without acting impulsively all the time.