Anonymous asked 2 years ago

How can I improve my mental health all by myself?

1 Answers

Ramal Lakshan Staff answered 2 years ago


  • Meditation – This is by far the best and easiest way to look inside and analyze yourself, dealing with problems, stressors and becoming more aware of your own mental health.
  • Living healthy – Drinking more water, eating more greens and exercising regularly is one of the best starts to a healthy mind.
  • Become positive – Positivity leads to optimism, healthy outlooks and less stress, which all increase your mental health!
  • Avoid drugs – Alcohol, drugs and smoking all cause your mind to deteriorate and become less than what it could be.
  • Change your routines – Break out of your normal comfort zones and try different things every day. Keep your mind engaged in new and unique ways every day!
  • Stay around positive people – Emotions and feelings rub off, whether it be positivity or negativity. Remember that!
  • Improve daily – Every day has something to be proud of and something that makes you feel like you are progressing in life!
  • Laugh – Laughing is the best medicine. Enjoy yourself!