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Are supplements good for health?

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Ramal Lakshan Staff answered 2 years ago

Supplements are very valuable because they will supply the body with much-needed minerals and vitamins that are difficult to obtain through diet.
There are some considerations, however, which you should make when taking a supplement. Listed as follows (but this is not a complete or comprehensive guide), they are:

  1. Supplements do indeed contain the necessary trace minerals and vitamins and trace elements. However, they are not nourishment. They contain no caloric value, and will not provide energy on their own, because energy MUST come from calories, which are otherwise known as kilojoules. A kilojoule is a unit of electrical energy, which among other things assists the muscles to work and carry something heavy.
  2. However, even though supplements will not provide energy on their own, the minerals and vitamins contained within them are essential for the body to effectively make use of caloric energy because the bodily processes which produce energy through metabolism cannot operate well (or at all) if the minerals and vitamins are lacking. Therefore, the best way to think of supplements is not as a form of nourishment, but rather as a support system for the body to make correct use of the real nourishment in life, which is food (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats).
  3. Minerals in a supplement are no different than minerals in a vegetable; both are no more than minute particle-pieces of various metals and so on, such as iron or cobalt. However, an advantage that vegetables have over mineral supplements is that vegetables have evolved to naturally contain many helpful additional constituents which aid in absorption; for instance, the plant moringa oleifera contains a very high amount of useful iron but also contains a high amount of vitamin C within itself. Vitamin C is necessary for the body to effectively absorb iron, and so if you desire to go the route of an iron supplement (or any supplement whatsoever), you must make a good, sincere effort to follow the design of nature and consume it in a way that will lead to it truly being absorbed, otherwise it will be a waste of money and optimism.
  4. When taken in properly and in the right fashion, supplements are very effective. You can, in fact, test this for yourself with a silica supplement, or even by buying an inexpensive quantity of a herb called horsetail, which contains a very high amount of elemental silicon. As the body absorbs and utilizes the silicon within the herb/supplement, you will eventually observe that your fingernails become glassy and smooth, rather than rough and uneven. This is evidence that the body does indeed break down supplements/herbs and put them to good use; indeed, the body has evolved over millions of years to do so, and the body is exceedingly good at this. A silicon supplementation, for this reason, is as valuable as any pedicure service for refining the beauty of the nails.
  5. Something particularly important to note about tablet supplements in particular: These are very valuable and have a very long shelf-life owing to the fact that they take various perishable substances and compress them into a very hard, dense tablet form. This makes the supplement easy to swallow, but also easy for the body to fail to absorb. The reason why that is, is because the stomach acids are not all that potent, and so when you just drop a tablet down into your stomach, then the stomach acid will just tend to wash up against it without really being able to dissolve it sufficiently for all the contained particles of mineral and vitamin to be available in the small intestine where they must mostly all be picked up and absorbed. If a tablet only manages to break down completely by the time it is making its way through the large intestine, then much of the valuable minerals and vitamins will just exit the body again.
  6. Therefore, a very valuable and effective way to increase the absorption of tablet supplements, in particular, is to actually chew them up normally like you would do with food; however, by their taste they are too disgusting, and so this is where a simple fruit such as the date can come in exceptional handiness, because chewing up a small handful of dates and then chewing up a supplement with that will mask the disgusting taste of the supplement incredibly well, while simultaneously mixing it up with the date paste and the saliva. At this point, being that the supplement is mashed up so well, it is essentially no different than real food because the body does not discriminate between the supplement and whole food so long as it arrives at the stomach acid in a pulp.
  7. Chewing through a tablet supplement (such as multivitamin or mineral supplement) in the same mouthful as a few dates, therefore, will also aid the body in their absorption massively.
  8. One last consideration is that the body and its internal processes function much more efficiently when the body and personality are relaxed. So, when using supplements for heath-building, it is really a sensible thing to make yourself comfortable and not try to worry that much – even the news should not be consulted that much, and it’s ideal to not get on social media all that excessively, because all of these things just drive up the worry and anxiety. In reality, you can even consume high fat ice cream and comfort foods and watch comforting TV shows, and do not need to force yourself to stick to a strict, regimented diet that tastes like dirt, because taking in a good quality supplement and eating the occasional bowl of comfort food is, in fact, far healthier than being a strict, regimented fad dieter who has to pass dozens of inspections with every single food item.
  9. In addition to the above recommendation, it also should be reckoned at the same that while comfort food can be highly valuable to put the mind/body in a state of relaxation, too much relaxation is just as lethal as too much stress. Therefore, if you are unemployed, it is of immense value to go outside and participate in a brisk, 30-minute walk to keep the body active and moving, otherwise if you just take a supplement in the aforementioned wise and then sit around all day watching TV, it will not be of many benefits because the body will become used to indolence.